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2022-07-05 05:05:48 By : Ms. Anna Wei

Sprawling 18,500 square feet, the so-called 'Superstore' houses plenty of treasure

Described as "so much more than a shop" the Oxfam Superstore in Oxford is the charity's biggest branch in the UK. From brilliant bargains to unique vintage items, you can get lost in the aisles amid all the knick-knacks it has on offer.

The 18,500 sq ft store is 12 times the size of an average Oxfam shop and first opened its doors to shoppers in 2019. Meanwhile, the very first Oxfam store was opened in 1948.

From fridge-freezers to bumper seats and violins to ornaments, there is a host of treasure underneath the roof of the giant charity shop. With the items rotated regularly - such as clothes which are changed season by season - you're unlikely to see the same layout twice.

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Unlike many other charity shops, the Oxfam Superstore has its own on-site cafe which sits in a corrugated steel container at a corner of the shop. It sells savoury items like sausage rolls, sandwiches and a selection of sweet treats such as carrot cakes and cinnamon buns.

Before you plan your trip, check out our photo gallery below for a look inside the shop.

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The way in, and checkouts where you can pay for the second-hand treasure you have found. You can find the shop at Oxford Business Park, Alec Issigonis Way, Oxford OX4 2JZ.

The giant shop is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9:30am to 5:30pm, with the exception of the late-night closing time of 7:30pm on Thursday. On Sunday the store opens are 10:30am and closes at 4:30pm.

There is a large women's clothes section in the store with stock rotated depending on the season

Of course men and children are catered for too in the clothing section

The shop has an impressive glassware section for those looking to stock up their kitchen cabinets

The cafe is set in a unique water tank that separates it from the shop floor. It is open the same days as the store itself from 9:30am til 4:30pm except on Sundays, which adhere to a 10:30am to 3:30pm schedule.

Found in many Oxfam's, the Sourced by Oxfam section contains fairtrade chocolate, shampoo, rugs and more