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Prospect Park Among Exclusive NJ Community Projects, Securing $223,000 In Federal Funding To Repair Main Sewer Lines

(PROSPECT PARK, NJ) – Mayor Mohamed T. Khairullah, the Municipal Council, of Borough of Prospect Park in partnership with US Senator Robert Menendez, US Senator Cory Booker, and US Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. is excited to announce the Borough has successfully secured federal funding in the amount of $223,000 as a part $1.5 trillion Fiscal Year 2022 government funding bill to replace and repair main sewer lines in the Borough.

The funding bill signed into law by President Joe Biden provides significant investments in transportation, housing, and education for New Jersey as well as exclusively for community projects like Prospect Park’s main sewer repair across the state. Funding from the EPA State and Tribal Assistance Grant Program will support the clean water project initiative in Prospect Park.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the efforts and leadership of our federal representatives from the New Jersey delegation that include Senator Booker, Senator Menendez, and Congressman Pascrell for supporting our main-sewer line repair project,” said Mayor Mohamed T. Khairullah. “This high-priority infrastructure improvement project will be a substantial investment in Prospect Park’s water and sewer systems that will have a significant positive impact on countless residents in our community. As a working-class community with an extremely low tax base, outside funding and resources is necessary to fund a capital project of this magnitude. Prospect Park is grateful that our federal representatives are working hard to champion and bring this federal funding home for municipalities big and small throughout the state,” Mayor Khairullah added.

“Not every day we have an opportunity to secure billions of dollars in critical federal funding for programs to support hardworking families, protect communities, and ensure every child has a chance to succeed. The funding bill passed by the Senate will create good-paying jobs, lower costs, and tackle some of the most pressing issues facing New Jersey families such as access to child care and higher education, affordable housing, and reliable and safe transportation.” Said Sen. Robert Menendez.

“The Senate passed a historic, bipartisan government funding bill that will help address the biggest challenges we face at home and abroad. This legislation invests in the American people, helps reduce rising costs, and will create good-paying jobs. We will increase funding for schools and Head Start programs, provide pay raises for our troops, improve health and nutrition, unlock more federal money to invest in our country’s crumbling infrastructure, and take steps toward building a more equitable country,” said Sen. Cory Booker.

“This omnibus government funding bill is one of the most forward-looking actions Congress has taken in many years,” said Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. “The federal funds we secured are a collective reinvestment directly into our vibrant North Jersey communities. These projects run the full gamut: encompassing improvements to parks and joint spaces, public health facilities and doctor training, outdoor ecosystems and environment protection, sewer repair, and road-building. Countless lives will be bettered by these projects. This, today, is the essence and very purpose of government: to better the daily lives of our neighbors in ways big and small.”

The details of the project are as follows:

The Borough of Prospect Park requested $210,000.00 to implement the Main Sewer Line Repair Project. This is a high-priority, shovel-ready infrastructure rehabilitation project that will replace parts of a 90-year-old main sewer lines on North 7th Street and Hopper Street that has experienced numerous problems in recent years. The scope of work includes replacing the outdated clay sewer pipe with a new PVC sanitary sewer pipe, brick manholes with new prefab concrete manholes, and existing house connections with new sewer clean outs. The project is located in the southern end of the Borough that borders the City of Paterson, in a low-income residential neighborhood. In addition to servicing Prospect Park residents, part of the sewer line also connects to homes located on the Paterson side of the border. Due to the problems with the outdated sewer line, residents on both sides of the border have had to deal with numerous problems such as clogging over the years. By fixing the problems with the sewer line, this project will benefit underserved residents in two municipalities. Furthermore, by addressing the problem before it gets worse, this project could prevent serious potential environmental and sanitary issues and save both municipalities money on costly emergency repairs down the line.

Water Quality Benefits: As per the Municipal Engineer and third-party water supplier / department, Passaic Valley Water Commission (PVWC), the Borough’s project will improve the surface water and improve overall water quality because after this project is completed there will be no sewer leakage into the ground.

The Full list of NJ Community Projects can be found below:

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