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2022-06-15 19:41:35 By : Ms. Amy Lei

You may be looking for a builder for your future container house... While these huge steel monsters were of little interest just a few years ago, they are becoming THE ideal material for building low-cost houses. price and very quickly.With the housing crisis affecting many countries around the world, alternatives to traditional construction must be found, which also has to do with the shortages of raw materials that are rampant.In Spain, we have unearthed a builder of modular houses, Modular Project, which promises to build you a 250 m² house in just three months... At the end of the article, you will also discover Claudie's house, which looks like everything straight out of the Modular Project catalog.Let's go !This construction company based in Alicante, Spain offers to build high quality living spaces from shipping containers.At Modular Project, the approach is simple: reuse used shipping containers and adapt them into beautiful permanent or temporary residences.They can therefore become main residences, garden studios or extensions of traditional houses.The system is already present in many countries around the world, but in southern Spain, Modular Project is one of the most prominent builders of this type today.Modular Project therefore offers economical, fast and efficient constructions;in any case, that is how they define themselves.And they offer autonomous constructions created with recyclable materials with a very low environmental impact.All of their fittings are designed using highly energy-efficient materials and the facilities offered are all energy efficient.And like most builders of this type of house, the Spanish contractor adapts to the needs of its customers by offering total customization of its models.Claudie Dubreuil is a resident of Canada, who may have unknowingly inspired Modular Project, or perhaps she was inspired by the Spanish company... Still, she built her own house with shipping containers and the result is breathtaking!So Claudie bought four scrapped shipping containers for €3,000 apiece, then hired a team to set up her containers in just one day.Outside the walls have been covered with pine wood.Already working in the world of construction as a business manager, she wanted something unusual and less expensive than traditional houses.The reduced cost of raw materials allowed him to "let go" a little in terms of decoration... very personal!In the bedrooms, Claudie has chosen to combine metal and wood to create a very modern style.All rooms have large windows that let in natural light.On the ground floor, she chose to create an office and a cupboard in which the color and the original material of the containers were left visible.The kitchen is fully equipped with all the necessary appliances and the bathroom recalls the combination of wood and metal present throughout the house.For a little original touch, the living room has been installed upstairs and she accesses it by a spiral staircase in the purest industrial style.Still upstairs, there is the hostess' bedroom with an adjoining bathroom.It is through the furniture that the color is brought to the whole... Finally, the owner of the premises has offered herself a pretty terrace on which she has even installed a summer shower.A nice place and a nice container house, right?More info: modularprojects.esHello, we would like more details on this style of construction.Thank you in advance Mrs and Mr PostinghelYour email address will not be published.Mandatory fields are marked with *Save my name, email and site in the browser for my next comment.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.Learn more about how your comment data is used.